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libqt3 and libqt3c102

PostPosted: 2005-11-03 20:32
by ispmarin
Hello everybody. I am struggling with some libraries problems: What is the latest version of kdelibs4 and libqt3? Some programs are complaining for install the libqt3c102-mt and others, from libqt3-mt. I seems that I cannot install both at the same time. What can be done?



PostPosted: 2005-11-03 20:57
by Jeroen
It's a migration in unstable (and testing) from the one to the other. This is a good example of a library transition. Please just wait for all packages to be updated to use the newest library. This is inherently to unstable, nothing to do about it. Use stable if you don't want to put up with package's dependencies breaking once in a while.

Thank you

PostPosted: 2005-11-04 13:04
by ispmarin
Hello there, thank you for the answer. I now undestand what is happening. I getting this kind of dependency all around now. But how can I install from apt-get when the transition library is newer than the dependency? I mean, the library that is installed is newer than the library that the package needs, but the package complains and ask the old one... Is there any way to go around this without -f ?

Thank you again!

PostPosted: 2005-11-04 13:09
by Jeroen
If you force things with -f, packages will not work, and simply segfault when you run them. You cannot get around to this if differnet packages require different versions of the same library, you need to wait for a rebuild of the right packages, or fetch an older version of one of the packages so that you need exactly one different library version.

Use testing or stable if you want to be free of such situations, in unstable, there is no way to prevent this situation without seriously hampering development.