Drag and drop installer.

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Drag and drop installer.

Postby whiteguysamurai » 2005-11-21 11:44

I know i'm going to get my head bitten off for this remark,
I know i'm a total N00B when it comes to debian, but after spending a little time in darwin, and xandros...I just have to say something.

I for one, would love a drag and drop installer.

It's amazing to see how many people have designed "tricks" to make installing software not included in the package manager for .deb.

We are heading this way anyway, yes i know some tainted code could somehow be slipped in, but to be truthful...If it's gonna happen, it will.

Linux needs to be as user friendly as mac/windows if there is ever to be inroads, and i know there are some people who prefer this, keep the peasants out of the elite club...
But i honestly think debian has a chance, i use ubuntu 5.10.

Thanks people.
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Drag & Drop

Postby Foxmuldar » 2005-12-17 18:09

I agree with you whiteguysamurai, Debian does need to be a little easier to install programs, cause i am having trouble getting the GUI to load.

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Postby jsmidt » 2005-12-27 19:39

I'm with these two as well. I love Debian a bunch, however I think some visual things could be improved like the installer. Plus this would help those new to Debian.

I personally believe the Debian installer should prompt for beginner mode/expert mode so that the anti-graphical anti-drag-and-drop people can have there installer and the visual people who like everything drag-and-drop can have their installer too.

I also think the better Debian is catered to have begginer formats for those that desire them the more people that will use and thus contribute to Debian thus improving Debian for the future. It may be hard to get new volunteers if new people arealways scared away.
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Postby Foxmuldar » 2005-12-27 21:25

That's true, there does need to be an easier installer for the noobs such as myself. :-) I would not really need the GUI if i could just get the programs to run from CLI, i installed mozilla-firefox but they will not load from command line. please fellas get us noobs an easier Debian, because we love it soooo much.

foxmuldar, 8)
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Postby dawgie » 2005-12-28 23:21

If you have kpackage installed, you can right-click on a deb file and choose "open in kpackage".

Kpackage and synaptic are very close to simple click to install.
Also Linspire has a very easy install method and it is still a Debian-based system.

Only the system administrator should be able to install system-wide binaries. One of the reasons that Windows has very poor security is that programs can be installed without any permissions. Sometimes by just putting a CD in the drive.
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