Is this section useful at all?

News and discussion about development of the Debian OS itself

Is this section useful at all?

Postby alleluia20 » 2008-04-16 15:30

I mean, many people here that lack the basic skills on developing (like me) dare to give their opinion.

On the other hand, do developers actually read this section? I do not know at all whether yes or not; answers appreciated :-)

Why use this section, instead of the developers' mailing lists?
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Postby MeanDean » 2008-04-16 15:37

this section does occasionally get used by a DD to ask a question or post some info and I do know a few DDs occasionally lurk on the forums - joeyh was online last night...

that being said, the description could be clarified and this section cleaned up and only be used for DDs to ask questions or post info....maybe??
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