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apt-build and gcc issue

PostPosted: 2008-05-09 06:56
by WizardNoNext
I have one big problem. I do not know how to build gcc using apt-build.
I tried almost allthing, but still I can not build gcc.
The problem is not in building time, but I just do not know what I must tell to apt-build. I builded a lot of packages using apt-build, but still I can get building gcc (doesn't matter 3.3, 3.4, 4.1). If someone knows what I must tell to apt-build I will be happy.

I asking, because I building new distro, builded around Debian sources. This will have big optimalizations, so will be very fast (I have already glibc and some base-system related packages).

PostPosted: 2008-05-09 11:23
by Telemachus
I'm having a vague chicken-egg issue here: you must have some version of gcc already if you have used apt-build at all, no? What exact error messages are you getting. Also, building a system inside a system gets a bit complex if you want the new toolchain to be "pure" of the old, non-optimized system. You might spend a little time reading through the Linux-From-Scratch book:

PostPosted: 2008-05-09 15:17
by WizardNoNext
Unable to find source information for gcc at /usr/bin/apt-build line 482.

I tryied a lot of option like {gcc-4.1,4.1.1.ds2-21}, {gcc-4.1,4.1.1.ds2}
and many many others.
So I using command line like 'apt-build --rebuild --reinstall install {gcc-4.1,4.1.1.ds-21}'.