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Temporary suspension of Testing security support after Lenny

PostPosted: 2008-12-29 19:07
by Qew

Just received the above from the debian-testing-security-announce mailing list, explaining that the Testing team will take some time off for the first few weeks after Lenny's release. They advise that until the Testing security team restart working on Testing, it's best to stick with the coming Stable for a few weeks or so. Testing won't have changed much from the coming Stable when the team get back onto security stuff for Testing, so it shouldn't pose any real difficulties. There's always Unstable for the impatient. ;)

PostPosted: 2009-01-01 02:37
by Jackiebrown
Makes since since it will be a waste of effort.

There will be a rush of packages incoming once lenny releases.

(To be honest, I never understood the idea behind the security repo since sid usually gets the package first. I guess to limit the amount of packages one gets from unstable if using testing?)

PostPosted: 2009-01-01 02:47
by plugwash
Afaict the aim of the testing-security repositry is to deal with those cases where a security update is needed but for some reason the fix cannot quickly go via unstable. Reasons for that might be shlibs bumps or worse transtitions in the packages dependencies or a new upstream version in unstable with new rc bugs.