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Suggestion: replace ivman with halevt

PostPosted: 2009-01-06 02:07
by Gullible Jones
ivman currently has no maintainer, and has some ugly bugs in it, e.g. race conditions. I'm not sure about the status of halevt with regard to bugs, but it is still under development, and it is based on ivman - perhap it should replace ivman in Debian sid?

PostPosted: 2009-01-21 04:43
by RoyFokker
What about autofs? I tried to use it, but it looked another wonderful linux moment of needing to spend hours to configure something to a workable level, since debian did not have a default configuration for it unlike ivman(which I am currently using).

Anyway the situation is so confusing with so many different tools replicating the ability to automount. For a while I used usbmount to automatically mount my usb sticks but it was buggy as hell. Whenever I had to copy large files often it would shift the mount point from /media/usb/ to media/usb0/ making the write fail.