[Lenny] live-magic where is the default settings file?

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[Lenny] live-magic where is the default settings file?

Postby bartart » 2009-11-11 06:59

Hello to all,

I am trying to build my own Debian LiveCD using live-magic. After a success build in the GUI tool, I decided to do the same thing using live-helper tool (lh_config and lh_build commands).

Here is my problem, I don't know which parameter do I have to set to rebuild the same iso.

Reading on web I found that the default conf. file is in /etc/defaults/live-helper/xyz.conf but unfortunately I don't have it .
I have also search the source code if any info about this..

Any idea where to look at?

thanks for your help.


P.s. i am trying to build it via terminal commands cos this allow me to customize the build.
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Re: [Lenny] live-magic where is the default settings file?

Postby nadir » 2009-11-11 08:01

its not exactly answering your question, but you might have a look at the following:
http://www.debe17.com/web_pages/deans_c ... 8.php.html
and this one for fun:
of course man live-helper and man lh_config give info too, samewise the wiki:
but for me the first link is sufficient for my purposes.
installing and configuring debian on a spare partition or in vbox and following the (mini-) how-to copy your installation with live-helper (the third link i added) to create an installable live iso is a complete no-brainer. therefor its the only one im still using.
iirc a simple
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without any parameters/options builds a quite minimal system. that should be the default-settings, wherever they might be stored. it "sure" aint what you want.
you got:
? there are some examples to be found which might be added to -p
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lh_config -p standard-x11

as an example.
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