problem making (config, postinst) .deb

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problem making (config, postinst) .deb

Postby rperez-alejo » 2009-12-09 20:21

Hello forum people, i am packing my software, but in the installation procces i need some configuration, i do this wit "config" and "templetes"

when i do this
while ! valid_ip $ip; do
db_input critical ip/ip || true
db_get ip/ip

in the "postinst" i have somethinfg like this

db_get ip/ip

I can´t get in the "postinst" what i input in the "config", i supose this info is pased through "$RET", the value of $RET in the "config" is right, i can easily check by running it, but not the one that arrive to the "postinst". I don´t know how are related the $RET from the "config" and the $RET form the "postinst"

waiting your replay..... greetings
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