linux-kbuild: drop or merge to linux-image/linux-header?

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linux-kbuild: drop or merge to linux-image/linux-header?

Postby liangsuilong » 2010-05-16 17:01

Debian has released kernel-2.6.33 in experimental for a long time. Linux-image-2.6.33 and linux-header-2.6.33 has existed in experimental. But we can not install an completed 2.6.33 kernel because linux-kbuild is not existed.

I do not know why linux-kbuild does not go out. Maybe there are some bugs are not solved. But we have not linux-kbuild so that we can not install linux-header. We can not test recompile third-party modules and recognize whether the module work on new kernel or not.

Unlike Debian, another debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu and Mint has not contained linux-kbuild. So I think that Debian should also drop linux-kbuild in order to upgrade to a new kernel easily and conveniently. If linux-kbuild can not be removed, merging into linux-image or linux-header will be a better choice than present. I believe that this is a better way to test third-party modules on a new kernel.
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