Debian opens "Derivatives Front Desk" to aid collaboratiion

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Debian opens "Derivatives Front Desk" to aid collaboratiion

Postby Telemachus » 2010-06-29 16:34 wrote:The Debian Project has been promoting software freedom and delivering Free Software to users via its releases since 1993, when it was one of the first GNU/Linux distributions ever. It has spawned several distributions which are nowadays based on the work done in Debian, as allowed and encouraged by Free Software customs. Such distributions are colloquially referred to as derivatives; according to DistroWatch, Debian currently enjoys more than 120 derivatives, including some of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions currently available.

The Debian Project encourages other distributions to base themselves on the volunteer work of Debian Developers and believes that it is through inter-distribution collaborative activities such as bug forwarding, joint maintenance teams, patch forwarding, etc. that Free Software is best served.

To that end, the Debian Project is happy to announce the opening of its Derivatives Front Desk, a forum where contributors to Debian-based distributions can meet and discuss the best ways to push their changes back to Debian or otherwise ask for help on how to interact with Debian development.

Full announcement:
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Re: Debian opens "Derivatives Front Desk" to aid collaboratiion

Postby AnInkedSoul » 2010-06-29 17:05

That truly sounds like a great idea. Assuming it is going to be actively maintained and 'staffed' it is truly awesome. Sadly, the thing lacking in Debian seems to simply be staff so I worry about it a little. It is a good idea and I hope it doesn't go stale.
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Re: Debian opens "Derivatives Front Desk" to aid collaboratiion

Postby craigevil » 2010-06-29 18:58

A few of the packages on :
All package versions in Sid and Maverick - UbuntuWire -

Are in or they are in Debian with different names.

Sounds like a good idea, but why call it Debian Derivatives Front Desk when it sounds more like its just debian-ubuntu.

it sounds more like a way to get packages that Ubuntu has into Debian.

There is no list of packages in other distros like sidux, Mepis, Dreamlinux, etc, that aren't in Debian.

It seems to go along with LetUbuntuReleaseForUs - Debian Wiki -

There was this Utnubu - Debian Wiki - but it never seem to go any where.
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