Flightgear and Debian

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Flightgear and Debian

Postby ChrisBaines » 2010-07-19 15:47

I have been using Flightgear for about a year now and really like it, however its a fractured project with many tools and sub tools that are separate to the main project. When installing new aircraft for the first time I found this very hard as you have to change the permissions of the aircraft folder, download the aircraft archive from the Flightgear website, unpack the .zip archive in to the correct folder (/usr/share/games/FlightGear/Aircraft/) and then you were able to use the aircraft. Would it be possible to package the Flightgear aircraft and add them to the Debian archives?

I have written a small python script that automatically processes .zip archives containing aircraft and creates a Debian source package around it and uploaded these packages to the Ubuntu launchpad site. What I want to ask though is how would Debian go about providing these aircraft properly? (assuming the current method is not proper?) Would it be through packages? These is also a lot of aircraft for Flightgear, over a gig of data at least, would this influence who they would be provided?


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Re: Flightgear and Debian

Postby BioTube » 2010-07-20 02:37

Considering the repos include addons for Iceweasel, packaging planes for Flightgear doesn't sound absurd. Just make sure they conform to Debian policy.
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