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Where is kvim?

PostPosted: 2005-05-09 16:40
by lacek
Does anybody know why kvim and vimpart was removed from Debian?

PostPosted: 2005-05-09 22:39
by Jeroen
kvim was no longer maintained by its authors, and hence was removed. See the NEWS file for vim (in /usr/share/doc/vim):

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vim (1:6.3-068+4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * The kvim patch is unmaintained and has some annoying bugs, so we decided
    to remove the kvim packages from Debian.

 -- Norbert Tretkowski <>  Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:39:52 +0200

I guess vimpart was removed for the same reason.

PostPosted: 2005-05-10 08:17
by lacek
I'm sorry to hear that... I don't really miss vimpart, but I will miss kvim... :-(
It had this lovely open dialog KDE apps has...
GTK's open dialogs are just plainly crap.