What should be Debian's priorities for Etch?

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What is the most important for the release of Etch?

Release on time (early december)
Do not ship sourceless firmware in main
Support hardware that requires sourceless firmware
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Postby tedux » 2006-11-09 13:31

I have been tring diffrent distro's some will run diffrent hardware and not others, some may run sound but not wireless. others the will run wireless but not sound. They all run slugish and freeze from time to time, I think from all the diffrent modulers in the kernel. I have read suggestions that want all the diffrent hadware in the etch release. I belive that the kernel runs hardware. (I have not got to read the learn debian book yet) So if their was an auto kernel build or a compile what ever it is you do to a kernel, that detects your hardware for your pc's hardware with a net check for modules needed then build and install kernel or base install then the extra.

I know this would be a lot of work for debian team but after all the diffrent distro's debian runs my laptop very stable (Inspiron 1000) just a few diffrent peices of hardware don't work. But it don't freeze and responds very nice (not slugish)
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I agree...

Postby dtpucci » 2007-09-16 05:28

rickh wrote:On this thread, we see the result of making Debian so easy to install ... All Newbies think frequent releases are more important than principle. (Who cares if it's free, just make it work on my laptop.) That's the attitude of several distos ... which I think all newbies should have to use for a year, or until they can clearly explain the issues.

Quite right, I agree. I have been using linux since 1999 and still consider myself a
beginner. I do notice the impatience with many noobies today. I wish I could learn enough
to be able to help out more, especially with hardware drivers. Hardware support is the
major reason for most people to not use linux. They are used to windows easy, abeit unsafe
and insecure OS. :roll:
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