Debian KDE should be more like Chakra?

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Debian KDE should be more like Chakra?

Postby antman811 » 2012-10-02 20:09

Should Debian KDE be more KDE/Qt centric? A bit like Chakra Linux?

If Debian KDE took this route it'd have a 'pure' KDE distro (and what many consider 'perfect' KDE integration) with a libre kernel and the stability and security everyone loves about Debian.

I've always wondered why I don't see KDE/Qt programs like K3b installed on GNOME distros by default but on KDE distros there are always GTK+ programs mixed with KDE stuff.

This would be more possible in Wheezy because Calligra Suite is in testing. Programs like Calligra Words and Krita could be used in place of Open/Libre Office and GIMP. Although Krita isn't meant to replace GIMP, I believe it could be used to perform similar functions.

Rekonq is in stable and testing and could be the default browse Iceweasel in the KDE version. It seems to be slightly inferiour to Qupzilla in performance but has better KDE integration (or so I've heard).

Also: Do you use KDE on your Debian install? I read somewhere most use Xfce.

If so, I'm new to KDE. Is there any advice you could give me about getting started with it?
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Re: Debian KDE should be more like Chakra?

Postby adenukolnis » 2012-10-02 20:23

what the hell are you talking about

it is debian, install whatever you like

when I used kde I only used qt programs
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Re: Debian KDE should be more like Chakra?

Postby dasein » 2012-10-02 20:26

antman811 wrote:Should Debian KDE be more KDE/Qt centric? A bit like Chakra Linux?

No. (And I speak as an avid KDE fan.)

Debian strives to be a Universal Operating System. That translates into (among other things) being platform-neutral and DE-neutral.

Yes, some other distros do a better job at "integrating" various DEs. If someone wants better integration, or fancier customizations, then they should install one of those distros.

Debian users are willing to put in a little extra effort at integration and customization as part of the "package" that makes Debian what it is.

My $0.02
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