Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A6

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Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A6

Postby mc75a » 2012-11-14 19:00

Hi everyone,

I'll be honest with all and I'll say that I am an M$ kiddo. My knowledge never goes deeper than a little bit of building M$ server (using IIS build-in services) and a little bit of Windows debugger.
I know that's actually nothing, comparing to knowledge of "managing linux-base systems". I had even tried these my self, but couldn't get through command prompt in linux...(Ubuntu, Mandriva most).

I am user of Motorola EDA (Symbol) MC75 [A6] with build in Windows Mobile 6.5 Proffesional. Device spec:

CPU: Intel XScale ("Monahan") PXA320 (806 MHz)
Memory: 256MB RAM, Storage: 1 GB, microSD (SDHC up to 32GB)
Display: 3.5” VGA, 640x480
Touch Panel: Glass analog -resistive touch
Battery: Lithium Ion: 3.7V, 3600 mAh (13.3 Wh)


I think it would be the most important about it. If more necessary:

I just have enough of this M$ sh^t... Hoping I could get a little help to manage Linux-base system instalation on it, the latest possibly compatible sys with ARM (v5 - end of 2006) processors would be DEBIAN or MINT PPC. I will post same message on Mint forum (can't register at the moment). I have spent whole week, reading thousands posts and websites about Androids, Linux, Symbian...and I am "sick of it"...There is everything for Nokia's, HTC's, I-thing's...etc, but nothing...absolutely nothing about this PPC. And even if I found something, software and everything are linux-kind - don't really know what to do with them on WinMobile... I know M$ is not open-source, I would love to get rid of it...

I don't care about phone function's, because this device is retired ;p I use it only for some recreation when I am at home (music/streaming/video/www etc).
If some drivers would be necessary to be build for audio device or similar, the only thing I could help is providing Windows Registry Keys / Drivers from the device. That's what would be for me.
I know that there are other people using MC70 / MC75 (similar build) that are interested with "Moving Windows/System to trash" :D

Hmm...I have just realized about LAN Port in cradle docking station for this device...OMG :D
Would it be possible to bite it all together with on-line Linux installer? ;D ...I'll keep looking more this way maybe...

Let's help some of us to Bin M$, and let us use a little more from those devices.
I am not native-english speaker so apologizes for misunderstandings.

P.S. Posted also on UBUNTU forum:

Thank You for any replays,
Glad to be here ;]
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Re: Linux on Symbol / Motorola MC75A6

Postby Ibidem » 2013-03-07 00:44

xscale: That's an old armv5 system; use an "armel" distro.
You do NOT want anything "PPC", since that is a completely incompatible architecture.
You also do not want "armhf", or Ubuntu; those require newer processors (armv7 or sometimes armv6).

As I use x86-linux, I can't help with the install process or kernel selection.
Also, this would be better asked under installation or hardware.
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