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Postby rickh » 2006-11-28 04:29

I work on Mercedes cars. Superb engineering. I have found that if something is difficult, it's because I'm trying to do it incorrectly.

There is an application there to your own difficulty. I tried xmms2 a while back, just messing around. Had no problem getting the music I wanted to play.
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Postby ethyrdude » 2006-11-28 05:48

This is getting off topic again, this post wasn't supposed to be about just one app. You see that doggy in the upper left corner, he gets on an old bone every now and then and just doesn't know enough to let go, but then that old doggy isn't the only one.

If you like xmms2 and mpd and whatever, great. Glad to hear it. Somebody made the point they don't like it, I agree. That's great too. Using your Mercedes analogy, not everyone drives one, it's all a matter of taste. Not everyone likes standard transmission either, my first two cars had one, but then I decided that the automatic transmission should have been perfected by now. Some people still disagree but that's their choice. Okay, now we can put away the cars, we're talking software here.

I did manage to get xmms2 to finally find my music, but it wasn't easy. Does that mean I don't know how to use it? Yes I don't. Will I learn how to use it? Maybe, it depends. Perhaps something else will come along, that's usually the case. Okay, I think this has been kicked around enough, are there any other new apps that people are or aren't impressed with?
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Postby Grifter » 2006-11-28 06:12

which models have you worked on rickh?

ethyr: mpd doesn't work like you described, where you feed it music, but rather for mpd you set up a directory structure, you plonk the music into that and then run an update from a client, whenever new stuff is added, and if you have your music spread out across a harddrive, the recommended way is to make a dir somewhere, in this new dir you symlink all the music dirs that you want to play from, then you simply tell mpd to look for music in the dir you made, that contains the symlinks

since you've abandoned mpd this prolly won't help, but if you ever wanna try it again, check the docs in /usr/share/doc/mpd*

the nice thing with a daemon and client interface is that you can run the daemon on your music computer, and then connect to that computer with a client, running on for example your laptop in a different room (:
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Postby ethyrdude » 2006-11-28 15:30

Okay, the light has come on. I can see why you would want to use mpd. I finally figured out how to use it, but in my situation there's no advantage to using it.
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