Mepis GNU/GLP? why can't resell for profit?

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Mepis GNU/GLP? why can't resell for profit?

Postby Guest » 2005-06-28 07:59

When I first started selling mepis on my website I did it the legal way. I went to to find out If I can sell it. It was under GPL and I was able to sell it. And the website wrote the Mepis name and Logo is TM and you can't sell it without permission. And at that time around Feb of 2005 has a email that you can apply for permission to use the Mepis name and Logo. Here is how the permission list from

1. Your name and address.

2. Your Phone and Email.

3. Where you plan to sell it.

4. I m requesting to use the MEPIS name and logo for
the purpose of selling CDs.

5. I agree to display this statement on each CD
containing MEPIS Linux and prominently on any web
pages or printed collateral related to your sale of
MEPIS Linux CDs: "Please support MEPIS Linux by
registering your copy at:" On
web pages, the link to MEPIS must be active.

6. I will clearly label each CD regarding the version
of MEPIS Linux it contains.

7. That I will not imply that you are an official
representative of MEPIS LLC and that you will not make
misleading statements about your relationship with
MEPIS and MEPIS Linux.

8. That I will hold MEPIS LLC and MEPIS Linux harmless
for any problems arising out of your sale of MEPIS

9. That if I violate the terms of this agreement, I
will immediately stop using the MEPIS name and logo if
asked to do so.

So I applied and have the right to use the logo and name.
And all of sudden, a company call said they are the only allowed commercial reseller said NO, You were NEVER allowed to use Mepis name and Logo. And wanted me to signup as a reseller for them and giving me 50% off ( And I was thinking, what about the OPENOFFICE and GIMP that Mepis put with the CD they are selling? OPENOFFICE and GIMP don't get pay from mepis and why is that mepis claim it is GNU GPL?? But charges $40.00 for it?? And you can't sell it for a profit?? I think they just trying to get people to do free coding and said it is GNU GPL so people around the world will help them to code for free. Then suddenly they change it to TM and claims the copyright. This is worst then MS, because at least MS paid their programmers. Mephis should be a shame!!!

Postby lacek » 2005-06-28 10:50

I think you should best discuss it with Mepis. Since the only questionable thing around here is that damn logo and the name (since you ARE allowed to sell GPLed stuff, as written in GPL), and those belong to Mepis, if they give you permission to sell it, you are free to go. Force them to send you a hardcopy of the contract, and if this happens, you may tell to go to the hell.

Anyway, I feel just like you about those parasite companies who wish to make money without actually working for it. Even more saddening, that thanks to all those legal crap which entangles all of the software business, they actually succeeding in doing so...
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