Genealogy - Family Tree Maker to Gramps

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Genealogy - Family Tree Maker to Gramps

Postby JPerkins » 2006-12-14 14:05

I have been using Family Tree Maker for many years. It is a very good application for genealogy. Problem is getting Family Tree Maker to run on Debian, which is very unreliable.

In making another attempt to get Family Tree Maker to run on Crossover, I saw a comment about Gramps, an Open Source genealogy application. So I installed Gramps via Synaptic. I then imported the 1,600+ individuals from Family Tree Maker to Gramps and gave Gramps a test drive.

Gramps is great!!! Much better than Family Tree Maker. Logical, user friendly. One of the problems with Family Tree Maker is documentation / citation. I had set up my own database to take care of this problem using MySQL and Rekall. Gramps will take care of this short coming, and does so in a very user friendly manor.
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Postby autek » 2006-12-15 01:37

And if you look in / will also make an automatic backup. GRAMPS has greatly improved over previous is really a slick app. Glad you found it.

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