A Big Thank You and for Jessie E17!

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A Big Thank You and for Jessie E17!

Postby xetaprime » 2013-12-01 19:03

Every couple of years I distro sample. For the last few years it has been Debian LXDE running E17. A short while ago I tried going from stable to testing and as you know, AtI drivers can be a pain in the ass. Anyway I had issues and temporarily tried a few other distros with testing already up and running. Needles to say Catalyst or lack of... anyway, the closest I came to settling down this time was PclinuxOS running E17 17.5. The good was E17 installed flawlessly and you could still install a working places module Places module! I like it and was used to it what can I say. But for some reason Pclinuxos was running 2-3 degrees hotter. Why? am I yapping? IDK :) Just that I made the decision that Debian stable was a fine place to be. And setting apt source to testing just for E17 worked well. And God Bless Remastersys I tell ya!

E17 may not be as spanking polished as most distros today but it has spoiled me. I find if I'm testing a new distro I go and click the desktop expecting a menu to appear. Does it? LOL! No. I love clicking anywhere and get a menu! That alone makes E17 my home. Not to mention the many little tweaks you can do. Places wasn't installing properly in some of the testing distros I tried this last week meaning running autogen. Managed to get it installed with a blank gadget opening. But disk usage analyser on my right click favorite menu comes in a close second.

So a few years have passed using Debian stable E17 and I played the field a bit. Tried SolydXK, PclinuxOS, Manjaro, Sparky and Mint LMDE to name a few and I'm back in stable land with my updated E17... Thank you Debian it's good to be home!

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