Very happy with Etch rc1

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Very happy with Etch rc1

Postby Hagbard » 2006-12-29 07:37

Hello Debian community, and thanks to the developers! I have migrated my Linux system to Debian Etch and I am very glad I did. A few months ago, I started a LAMP software project, initially on Ubuntu 6.06. Once the project was underway, I began testing many other distros: the other *buntus, Fedora core, even Damn Small and Puppy. I eventually moved to gNewSense because I think history shows that more freedom is better than less.

I had tried Debian Sarge, but my software project used some features specific to more recent versions of my LAMP configuration, so Sarge was incompatible with my software. I'm glad I decided to give straight Debian another shot, because Etch rc1 is by far the best distro I've used. It is both the most stable and the most flexible. My testing of many distros showed me that apt-get/aptitude/synaptic was the most powerful tool for configurinig a system, and the full Etch package repository is awe-inspiring.

I used the net-install CD image and began with a pure basic install, no GUI. I wanted to try setting up my base system from bash, but I ran into a slight snag trying to use Lynx to retrieve my development code from my web mail account where I had stashed it. I decided to try to get X up and running without a full desktop so I tried fetching just the X package and a web browser, but I had left out something important: fonts. I was doing all this with straight apt-get and not aptitude, which I know is not recommended for handling complex dependency systems. At that point I decided that randomly apt-getting smaller pieces of large systems was probably going to give autoconfiguration fits. so I told apt to get me GNOME and some fonts. A nice cup of coffee and a bit of Xorg.conf tweaking later, I had my GUI of choice up and running. Once I had my base applications, my software project installed and ran perfectly.

The full Debian repositories give me access to a wider range of tools than any of the derivative distributions, so my development environment is a lot richer. Even though Etch hasn't been officially released, rc1 is still more stable than any other distribution I have used! I also appreciate the excellent documentation and documentation viewing tools, although the license incompatibilities between debian policy and the GFDL are unfortunate. Hopefully the next version of the doc license will be compatible with debian policy.

Best of all, VRMS reports that there are "No non-free packages installed" on my machine. Debian has more software, is more stable, and protects my Four Freedoms better than any other OS. Thanks and good luck to everyone getting Etch ready for Stable.
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Postby flatwombat » 2007-01-16 03:55

Hagbard, I'll absolutely agree with you on the stability of Etch. I'm currently booting 7 distros at the moment and would have passed Debian by except for the enthusiastic response by a couple of members of

Amazingly, except for a minor glitch with setting up the non-free repositories, everything has installed and worked perfectly. There is such a 'finished' feel to Etch that I'd never believe it's still a 'testing' version. Kudos to everyone involved - Deb's a clear winner!
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Postby DeanLinkous » 2007-01-16 12:34

oh if only vrms could see the firmware in main and the contrib and non-free sections of the sources.list he would have a vHeartAttack! ;)

But yes the Debian guys do a GREAT job!!!
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