Coming back to Debian. Hopefully for good.

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Coming back to Debian. Hopefully for good.

Postby begatelles » 2007-01-03 13:40

Hay all, Happy New Year!

I don't know where i should post this "hello note" cause it might be a little bit out of all topics! :D So i'm just posting it in the general section.

I'm a brand new member here and hopefully a faithful Debian user soon. I have been using Linux for 3 years, alongside with Windows, and i have tried a couple of distros until i settled on Kubuntu, which was the friendliest i've seen so far. Not the best criteria to choose an operating system but due to university responsibilities and hw and all that, i couldn't really afford Not to have an OS working at all times. So Kubuntu was a good choice for a while, but the more i read and study on Linux (and lately it seems like that's all i do! :D ) the more i want to install and run Debian to be honest. Hopefully this time it will be easier to configure cause I have tried installing a clean system in the past and it was a complete disaster, especially with my very minimum experience at the time. That was two years ago though. Hardly new what a permission was to be honest.

Slackware and Arch have also caught my attention and i believe they are good choices for someone willing to make it an effort to learn quite a lot along the way. They are not Debian though, and i don't even know what might be expecting me personally if i switch to an alltogether completely different distro again. Don't know their package system, don't know what bugs might be waiting to be cleaned up, don't know how stable they are, don't know how much configuration they need, don't know much about the support they offer etc etc. I have spent some time lately looking around for good articles on Debian and i think there are quite enough sources out there and forums to assist with whatever might come up. Maybe even the Ubuntu documentations might still come out handy sometimes. What do you think?

Anyway, if you have any advice to assist with installation and configuration and the like, please give me your sources! I'm also thinking about switching to Gnome even though i'm comfortable with KDE, but i'm not so sure about that. Please tell me your opinion on this if you wish. I have never tried Gnome (!!except from 1 or 2 live distros i've played with) but i hear that it's a lot lighter than KDE and that can't be a bad thing. Any advice or direction to a good source of info and discussions here or anywhere would be more than appreciated. :)

Sorry for the long note, and Happy New Year, and i hope my stay here and anywhere Debian's shadow protects its people will be for a long term. ;)
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Re: Coming back to Debian. Hopefully for good.

Postby Lou » 2007-01-03 17:25

begatelles wrote: Any advice or direction to a good source of info and discussions here or anywhere would be more than appreciated.

Check the "Tips and Howtos" section in the Documentation in this site, you might learn something.

As for distros, it all depends on you. Archlinux is the only distro out there that i would use if not for Debian, but that's my opinion.

Remember: don't do things because others do those things or use apps THEY think are great or "in"; use WHAT is good for YOU, if it's not Debian that's allright too.

The important thing is that YOU are happy. The rest of us are bozos who think we know a thing or two, but in the end, we put our pants just like you: one leg at a time.

If you use your box to screw around that's fine, if you use your box to work, stay away from the glitz, eye-candy and bloated DEs like Gnome and KDE and go for a light window manager, the idea is to do the work fast.

But time will tell you what to do.
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Postby greenmeanie » 2007-01-03 17:48

The new release should be out soon from what I have been reading. It will help with your install by the looks of it.
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Postby begatelles » 2007-01-03 22:13

Hey thanks for the responses! The "tips and howtos" section definitely has a wealth of info to help out get a good start. Thanks also for the Very nice and detailed installation tutorial you posted there Lou; it will definitely come in handy. :)
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