ITP : termcap , needs to be revived in debian

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ITP : termcap , needs to be revived in debian

Postby slackguy » 2015-03-22 18:40

this is an automake build of an older bsd termcap (in use but not well tested)

makes: , termcap.a ... 3.2.tar.gz

the reason for keeping it around is for L.F.S. (linux from scratch) purposes.

ncurses is a B*tch to build and can prevents chroot to newly made chroot upon any lib problems, as if present /bin/sh (which chroot requires) will crash if not present

termcap is much simpler , depends only on "any" libc

1) result - you chroot is not locked out and built from source easily , you have an sh that only needs libc (prefferably, you have one sh that is static)

2) result - your not forced to build all terminal apps against a ncurses - AND not forced to hack ncurses into older code that call for termcap

3) the early build toolchain is much simpler - and ncurses can be done later
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