IPT : Linux From Scratch - using Debian base

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IPT : Linux From Scratch - using Debian base

Postby slackguy » 2015-03-22 18:56

This is a build script that BEGINS with debian sarge (it use base pkgs for sarge to install a chroot that can compile) "a well known starting point and usable foundation"

http://sourceforge.net/projects/debguys ... ild.tar.gz

it creates a build chain and compiles 350+ pkgs with versions similar to debian squeeze (2010) (for linux)

RESULT: uses about any wm, runs firefox-5.0 and Mathematica for X11 , all , fine. ALL BUT firefox fully sourced.

the "net result" is a FULLY SOURCED chroot that is intently compatible/usable with debian squeeze (maybe with pkg version hacking , newer versions)


if nothing else it shows: build options, possible problems, needed to build a large core of pkgs - if one is building essential pkgs and has problems - can be a reference - or build it ? ! it does show that many debian pool things do not build and install without debian/rules directory (and a horrid ammount of "required debian scripts") BUT COULD

(note: it has a global opts file which does not use pam, ssh, which are the only "big difference" - and install paths are changeable, but the real "drawback" of it all: you need softlinks , software today hardcodes 1/2 the the paths it says are variable (incorrectly) - thus needing a softlink where it expects to find things)

USES: its' a whole alternate to LFS if LFS's guide is not working for you

LFS uses options you may not want. their directions won't work if you didn't pick all the (trash) you didnt't want. "build" script uses minimal options - and may help if your NOT in line with what (google) wants your "options" to be

for example "build" script has build.global.opts and this is in it :


thus, none of the 350+ pkgs nor firefox-5.0 need or have "ppl" or "cloog" - but LFS you'd be forced to.
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