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ITP : libcurses

PostPosted: 2015-03-22 19:20
by slackguy
makes curses.a

see ITP termcap (libtermap) , ditto here ... 0.1.tar.gz

p.s. i did forget to say ncurse kinda "attacks curses" by clobbering curses so don't install it to the same lib/. problem is ncurses is very likely to fail to build and cause chroot breakage. once it installs it may BREAK older apps trying to use /usr/include/curse.h which ncurses overwrites. not all, but sometimes stops builds of older but good software: sofware that uses -lcurses and when one does that, and has "curse.h" - it should work right? right if someone isn't hacking to damage api/abi anyhow.

ie, /usr/local/lib , /usr/local1/lib , /usr/local2/lib ... is one way to allow one to select groups of libs to compile against