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ITP : pmake v. 1 (needed to build pmake 5)

PostPosted: 2015-03-22 19:32
by slackguy
this is pmake 1 from BSD that buids on debian ... 0.1.tar.gz

debian's pkmake doesn't build the source or work the same - at least not using GNU/Linux

(see ITP - build LSF , debian's pmake-1.1111 works if you apply a long hack)

with pmake 1 you can build pmake 5 , which works on a large number of builds that use pmake Makefiles (usu. BSD origin code, but not always). with pmake-5 you can build about any Makefile that requires "pmake", 5 has most features makefile make use of.

(see ITP build LFS) : with pmake 1 the "build" script can wget and make base/stable/5/usr.bin/make straight off BSD repository without fail (as well as some other BSD things that aren't very tied to libc of bsd)