Motif 2.0 - 2.2 with panner working nice, automake easy

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Motif 2.0 - 2.2 with panner working nice, automake easy

Postby slackguy » 2015-04-14 03:29

new non-virtual panner (old virtual one was removed before 2.1+ release)

NEW pan with keys (no panner)
NEW drag single windows

pans better than gnome grid panner ? far as i can remember yes.

%100 complete automake ./configure - ready to remake project (ie, running libtool does not break it) , and demos are not broken :) panner is also %100 optional. should be CDE compatible or is easily so. yes works with X virtual desktop too.

code was not mangled to add panner: no new files, just a new function placed back in, a few adjustments to panner.

but there's new motif? yes but motif 2.3.4 does not support 2.1.30 applications anymore (ie, perhaps and older ddd bin). for still need motif-2.2 around (especially if they continue to hack in (more) non-compat changes in Motif 2.3+)

Non-Virtual panner is a small function that would work with about any window manager ever made, if placed into a callback for that wm, and panner(1) is just a widget which is a UI for using it. is %99 X11, just has to listen to X for a message for panner calling, is all.

I could be wrong about new gnome still being stuck with full page only / grid panner.

Sure it's a greedy app plug however: I thought it's worth meantioning because

1) easy to compile Motif anyone needs that

2) non-virtual panner could be added to enhance any wm project pretty quick

3) non buggy, and size is not related to video memory - even less so than fvwm

4) xrandr like X11R6 Virtual i believe eats video memory and is limited by hardware (same code base), has no GUI i heard of yet , and many are dumping hardware problems getting it to work and or restricted to area. that is what i understand so far.

xrandr --panning 1600x1280 is still very small. 6000x4000 would be small for fvwm :)
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