how much chaff in the repositories?

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Re: how much chaff in the repositories?

Postby keithpeter » 2015-07-11 10:31

Same problem as menus in office packages. Everyone says they are too complicated and should have less features, but then everyone has a different idea of the 'essentials'.

Debian is the only distribution that I'm aware of where it is possible to download a fair chunk of the more commonly used software for offline installation. If you download DVD1,2 and 3, you can install a pretty rich desktop experience from DVD1 and then install a huge range of software away from an Internet connection by 'registering' DVD2 and 3. When each point update to the installer set is released (e.g. the recent 8.1 isos) you can download or copy an update DVD that will update your offline installation.

I sincerely hope that tradition continues!

@hudson: the 'feature not implemented yet' error in the openbox config application you mentioned sounds like it should really be a bug report. Expected behaviour could be 'warning to user about not being able to save'.
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Re: how much chaff in the repositories?

Postby fogpipe » 2015-09-21 06:13

i just installed a bunch of stuff that im sure many would consider chaff i think. I new to debian and i have never see such a complete trove of gkrellm plugins :) i love gkrellm been using it for years, if thats the only payoff for using debian, im in :)
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