Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

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Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby gfurst » 2015-07-18 18:05

Hey folks, I was browsing random stuff over at the Kde forums, when I perceived a large references to new stuff about plasma 5 or somethin....
Then I read a blog post from almost 1 year ago about the, then release plasma 5.
I was wondering why I would never get any updates on this freaking old (but beautiful) kde4 desktop.
So I've taken a look at the distributions that already taken to it, there are some but debian is not to be seem: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages
So anyone got some info over this?
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby Ardouos » 2015-07-18 18:12

Debian is stable, that means only bug fixes and security updates are allowed in.

If your question correlates to the current stable, then the answer is no.

If your question correlates to Debian as a whole, then most likely yes.

If you want to use stable and you are longing for KDE5, you will need to backport it manually yourself, or install it from source.
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby buntunub » 2015-07-19 01:20

Last I checked, it was in Experimental. Wait a bit and it will get into Sid.
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2015-07-19 10:10

When it got to Arch, it was a bit of a clusterf**k so be careful what you wish for ;)
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby fireExit » 2015-07-19 10:26

Code: Select all
fireexit@debian:~$ kde4-config --version; kf5-config --version; uname -a; lsb_release -a
Qt: 4.8.7
KDE Development Platform: 4.14.2
kde4-config: 1.0
Could not find drkonqi at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libexec/drkonqi
Qt: 5.4.2
KDE Frameworks: 5.12.0
kf5-config: 1.0
Linux debian 4.0.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.0.8-1 (2015-07-11) x86_64 GNU/Linux
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Debian
Description:    Debian GNU/Linux unstable (sid)
Release:        unstable
Codename:       sid

Sid is ATM in transition and is a mess :P
Although i read reports of users using KF5 successfully in Sid since more than a week, my upgrade path is broken for now.
Granted that some of those successful stories involve cherry-picking packages from experimental.
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby julian516 » 2015-07-19 11:16

I tis starting to show up in siduction, but be careful. My siduction/KDE turned into a dysfunctional mess, so I now boot it with Xfce! Eager KDE folk might want to mark time a bit. The siduction forum is tracking this pretty well if you want to check there. They always post upgrade warnings and they have some good wisdom with respect to KDE 5 at this point on siduction.
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby gfurst » 2015-07-20 14:14

Yeah, somehow updates come being very messy...I wonder why not wait for the full group of packages to be ready.
Right now I'm debian jessie, enjoying the stableness after the shift from testing. It feels good 8) but pretty soon packages will get old... and some day maybe, if I get the courage, I'll delve into Arch.
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Re: Will KDE5 ever come to Debian?

Postby Romane » 2015-07-28 08:13

Been running Testing-only since Lenny was new-born baby. Means that enjoying the transition to Plasma 5 in Stretch :lol:

Haven't had any issues yet, except for those already reported over in the KDE and Multimedia thread, with some widgets not showing in the system tray, loss of Skype (for whatever that is worth - I don't even have the bandwidth to run it), and the loss of almost everything in System Setting. Haven't spotted much else.

All that said, everything is running quite smoothly. No glitches anywhere, everything that I use runs just as before. Only had one "thing", and that was the cursor icons, but in the thread here : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=123773 : there was mention of how to access the KDE4 settings, which helped me resolve getting back the cursor icon set that have been used to (didn't work immediately, but the desired mouse cursors were there on the next boot), but had that not been successful (Romane shrugs) : not important.

So far happy, just waiting for the refinements to start flowing.
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