Mouse selection dissapearing

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Mouse selection dissapearing

Postby brusers » 2015-07-27 11:01

Hello, I'm having a problem that I can't find a solution for, and I'm just curious if anyone else has witnessed this.

I have Debian 8/Cinnamon.
If I select some text with the mouse, for example in one text editor something that I want to copy, and then go to select text in another text editor, the first editor selected text deselects.
However it is not consistent.
For example if I select text in a Thunderbird email, then select some text on a website(Firefox), both stay selected just fine.
But if I select text in Terminator terminal, then select text in Sublime text editor, the Terminator text becomes unselected.

I think it might be a Gnome thing, but I'm not sure how or where to begin debugging this.
I can't seem to find anything relevant searching around, and this is driving me a bit crazy.
I hope someone has crossed this before, thanks beforehand.

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Re: Mouse selection dissapearing

Postby Head_on_a_Stick » 2015-07-27 11:16

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Re: Mouse selection dissapearing

Postby brusers » 2015-07-28 04:06

Thanks for the web page, I understand now.. though a bit of an explanation along side it would have been nice.
I had no idea the selection(highlighting only) was part of the clipboard functionality.
I installed autocutsel and everything now works fine.
Another decent writeup on the whole clipboard thing, just in case someone else get's curious.

Thanks again!

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