ZTE MF823 data dongle

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ZTE MF823 data dongle

Postby rovernut » 2015-09-13 14:55

This is just an FYI. I was in England a while back for a month and the place I was staying didn't have broadband so I picked up a ZTE MF823 4G dongle from Three to use with my Thinkpad T430.
Couldn't have been easier, just plugged it in and it showed up as a wired connection. This was with Wheezy.

I don't know about other dongles, this is the first I've ever used, but it has a decent built in web server so it's easy to check your data usage, send and receive text messages. It also worked fine when all I had was 3G.
For anyone else in a similar situation, about Three, they are pretty easy to deal with. The dongle is only available with a contract, but they do 1 month contracts, which worked fine in my case it just mean I had to buy the dongle for £39, the £15 for 5gb of data.
I guess it may sound like a lot, but my TP isn't WWAN enabled and this was cheaper than adding the bits to use a SIM in my laptop.
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