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we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-08 07:46
by alexlikerock
we need debian forums in spanish

i can work like moderator,
It would be a pleasure to help with this

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-08 08:03
by alexlikerock

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-08 08:04
by andre@home
Not Found

The requested URL /es was not found on this server.

Apache Server at Port 80

Your English seems ok ;)

Lavene wrote:Just FYI this forums has absolutely no connection what so ever to the Spanish, or any other, Debian forums (unless some of the admins of the Spanish forum happens to be a member here and see your post).
Sorry we cannot offer any help...

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-08 09:50
by kedaha
The existing Spanish foro doesn't look like a hive of activity so, why create another site?

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-08 23:39
by spacex
The forums in local languages will never be especially useful, as there will be very few skilled users present. I think that most users should do as me, simply accept that the language for Debian and Linux, is English. I don't install any language-packs to support my language. I do it all in English. Makes more sense.

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-09 01:57
by GarryRicketson
kedaha wrote:The existing Spanish foro doesn't look like a hive of activity so, why create another site?

I am wondering if the OP means "sub - forum " , here on this site ?

There are some "other" Debian forums that do have sub forums for various languages,
But the problem is not so much "moderating", but , Is there enough technically knowledgeable Spanish speaking persons , willing to take the time and able to answer the questions, and help solve the problems ?

The other thing, is the administration end of it, most users do not have a clue as to what is involved in "administering" a website/forums, or forum, there is maintanence that needs to be done, regularly, the forum software sometimes needs to be updated, there are constant "security issues", but any way, that is a whole different topic.
If a sub-forum, was to be set up here, that is a "non issue" .

The point being, it probably would not be worth the trouble and time involved in setting up a entirely new site, just to have a Spanish forum.

With the translators that are available, as well , I don't see the need. For me English is fine, but I speak and write Spanish about the same. I also "work" or am responsible for some "Spanish sub forums" on other sites, these are not Debian related, but when we set up the sub-forums, we thought there would be more activity, and there never was.
My thoughts are the same would occur here.

But I agree, I do not think there would be enough activity to warrant creating sub forums for various languages. We get more French then Spanish here
It is almost at the bottom of the page, there is a list of forums in various languages,
including Spanish. There are 2 Spanish forums, the "" has a little activity,
not much.

This one, is a blog, not really a forum, like we have here.

It is nice of the OP to offer help, actually, the kind of help , as far as a Spanish forum goes, that could be use full, is a person is able to speak and write, both English and Spanish, and also knows enough about Debian to be able to not only answer questions
that are in Spanish, but post a English translation, a long with the Spanish, or the same in French, Italian, what ever. The forum guidelines, say there is no problem asking or posting in another language, but it is asked that it be posted in English as well.
From: Forum guidelines. Please read before first post!
9. The language on this board is primarily English but we do not exclude people with little or no English. When replying to posts in other languages please include an English translation. It's a good idea to help non-English speakers find resources in their language.
A forum is a means of written communication so make sure your posts are as readable as possible. That means: Use capital letters and punctuation, and use the formatting features of the forum wisely in order to make your post attractive. Try to avoid 'l33t speak', 'chatspeak,' and 'SMS language'.
There is no need to apologize for poor English skills. We have users from all over the world and trying your best is more than adequate.

In order for the "translators" to work well, making sure posts are readable, good grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc . are essential.
After all said and done, there is a "Spanish" , here is the link:
ForumsDebianNet in Spanish
View This Post Only In Spanish
The one problem, is when using the translator you are no longer logged in, so it is not a "perfect method". In fact I find it easier to keep 2 tabs open, 1 is the forum, the other is the translator, then if and when I need to translate text, I copy and paste it into the translator. Like wise, I write my text in the language I prefer, while still in the translator tab, it translates what I write , and after "proof reading" the translation, I copy and paste it back into the editor, on the forum.
Ok well I guess that is enough on that.

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-18 01:41
by GarryRicketson
I am curious, just how many Spanish speaking users do we have here ?
Soy curioso, cuántos usuarios hablan español Qué tenemos aquí?

and how many would have any interest in a forum in Spanish, besides the ones that all ready exist ?
Y cuántos tendría algún interés en un foro en español, además de los que existen todo listo?
The OP never came back, so it appears there really is not much interest on his/her part.
Any one else ?
El OP nunca regresó, por lo que parece en realidad no hay mucho interés en su / su parte.
  Alguien mas ?,
------------ edited--------------
I don't think there will be any interest, but any way, if there are people that would like to have a additional Debian forum in Spanish , this is a start.

Debian Foro Español
Suggestions, and ideas will be welcome, they can be discussed on the new forum.
I will add more material when ever I get the chance.

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2015-11-21 17:36
by rsm
I don't really think that there should be a Spanish forum. Even if Spanish is my mother tong and French is my second language with the time I've learn that anything published on Internet should be
in English. Why?

> Stuff published on Internet can be seen by the hole world, English posts reaches the highest percent of people.
> Even if I don't like Google, the "Google translate" feature is really nice. I've read posts in German and many other languages thanks to this.
> I consider that people who know about programming/GNU-Linux stuff is people who at least can read English (Because most of doc is in English).
> Even if the English is not good or it has spelling problems, people tend to understand :D

Going deeper to my personal opinion:

> Translating takes a lot of time and effort (a lot). For me it is a real waste of time, I rather wiring two tutorials in English, than 1 Tutorial + 2 translations.
> I avoid participating in French/Spanish forums because I know that writing in English will help a lot of more people.

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2016-05-24 15:07
by GarryRicketson
> Translating takes a lot of time and effort (a lot).

Yes it does take a lot of work, but many spanish speaking users do appreciate
the efforts of those that take the time and work to make translations, for example
on the debian wiki, and website, also it is a lot of work
to do the translating for the documents, and manuals, so that they are available
in Spanish, but it is much easier to follow a manual, or document , when it is written
in ones own language.

Any way, just recently I found out a group of ex esDebian members, did
take the time to start a new forum and website,
It is almost a "clone" of the old site, and may be of a big help to any
Spanish speaking people.

and this wiki:

Re: we need debian forums in spanish !!!

PostPosted: 2016-06-03 03:39
by sunrat
I use siduction regularly whose forums are mainly in German. Simple to use the gtranslate extension in Firefox, right click and select "translate page" or select text to translate only that text. Simple! ... translate/