nis bug accessing group tables

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nis bug accessing group tables

Postby mazerj » 2016-03-08 19:52

I just ran into a long-standing problem I've been having with NIS with a fresh install of jessie using the nis-client to retrieve group tables. I did a fresh install of jessie (into a 64 virtualbox VM) and added one additional package:
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% apt-get nis

And then changed two lines in /etc/nsswitch.conf from:

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passwd: compat
group:  compat

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passwd: nis compat
group: nis compat

System boots fine until I change /etc/nsswitch.conf, but after the change, fails to boot -- just spins 10-15 mins, then boots to a text login (no X) and no the NIS tables not available.

It's only the group line that matters -- if I don't change the group line, it's fine. Same thing happens if I add "+:::..." lines to /etc/group. And the tables are perfectly accessible via ypcat, so it's not a problem accessing the nis-server (eg, ypcat -k group works fine).

This has been a problem for years in my lab -- only way I've been able to fix it is to mess with the startup scripts to disable nis first thing during boot and then re-enable in rc.local, which is a PIA when updating etc..

Anybody else seeing anything like this? Anyone using NIS anymore??? Or has everyone switched to LDAP or something else?

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