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About the next Mesa improvements

PostPosted: 2016-06-10 21:09
by Danielsan
Hi guys,

there is something technical that I would love to ask you, if somebody of you read the Phoronix news probably read this article: ... Comparison

Basically the mesa driver are always closer to be fully opengl compliance, cool, however when I read these articles and the related comments the people seem more interested about videogames performance than others things. By my point of view is more interesting knowing if these improvement are able to permit to use the floss graphic drivers in Blender, FreeCad, Gimp and etc...

So my question is: are these improvements relevant (even in the future) for using only the open source driver against the closed ones?
I honestly recognize even though the closed ones are better in terms of performance are worst in terms general performance of Debian.

Please let me know your technical opinion, thanks!