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Atom editor and Firejail

PostPosted: 2016-07-25 14:48
by Danielsan
I would like to use this editor on Debian but unfortunately it is outside of the repo, do you think is a valid idea after installing it also using it inside a container like Firejail or is pretty useless as behavior?
I knew there are a plenty of good editors available in the repo, but this Atom suites better for my skills anyway if you know something really close to it please let me know. I have been using Geany but this program is more and IDE than an editor for HTML, CSS, MD or SASS, however I neither master those markup languages. I tried to learn GVIM and Emacs but are too much for me, I don't have all this time learn how works an editor when I have to learn all the rest.


Re: Atom editor and Firejail

PostPosted: 2016-08-02 16:39
by millpond
Atom has a .deb package (64 bit).
It will become 'part' of the packaging system.

The source will handle 32/64: ... s/
Includes instructions.

Re: Atom editor and Firejail

PostPosted: 2016-08-02 19:03
by Danielsan
I didn't understand, will be it included in the Debian's repos soon?