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keyboard inactive

Postby Tigres » 2016-07-29 17:29

Hola ya tngo varios anos usando debian, pero ultimamene cuando antualic a debian 8, me tope con este error
Cuando trato de conctarme como root para autenticarme y escribir el password del sistema,es como si el teclado no funcionara, pero si funciona para otras actividades.
Me podria ayudar.

Hello I am using debian for 5 years, but when I updated to debian 8 and them I tried to log as a root for aunthenticate or insert the root password, or if I wanna change the watch, the keyboard does not work , but the keyboard yes work for other activities, can you help me?
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Re: keyboard inactive

Postby dotlj » 2016-07-30 01:06

The problem may depend on the key mapping. If you are using a Spanish keyboard layout that maybe a problem.
Does your root password have any characters which require a Spanish keyboard layout?

Have you allowed root login? Some systems allow login as non root user only - it depends on how you set up the initial system.
I'm guessing that everything worked OK before you upgraded to Jessie.

Are you using a Desktop environment such as Gnome or KDE?
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Re: keyboard inactive

Postby Tigres » 2016-07-30 01:52

Hello Thanks.
Indpendently, I have always used spanish keyboard but I did not have any problem related. Even when I installed debian8, I think the problem began when I installed KDE dsktop,I Think. When I tried to insert the root password, did not work, also on the X terminal (command window) seems like the keyboard does not work.
But when I use open office or other tools the keyboard works normally. The problem is that I must update the watch to have internet connction, without it I can not do anything.
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Re: keyboard inactive

Postby emariz » 2016-07-30 14:06

I am confused: Does the keyboard die when you try to enter the administrator password, or do you not see the characters when doing so? If the keyboard does not work at all, how do you cancel the password prompt? Just wait until the prompt times out? Close the terminal window? What if you are on a real terminal?

What happens when you enter the following command in the terminal?
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su -c 'ls -A /root'
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Re: keyboard inactive

Postby Tigres » 2016-07-31 22:10

I resolve it a little, I tried to enter like Xfce enviroment, from there I tried to update gnome and not worked yet. But almost with Xfce works.
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