Firefox 53 (in Sid) requires Pulse Audio for sound

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Re: Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio

Postby TonyT » 2017-03-22 11:05

stevepusser wrote:
TonyT wrote:I ran into this problem yesterday after upgrading FF to 52.01 from 51.01. In my research I read that the Release ESD version still has also support. Not sure about beta or other ESD versions. I rolled back to 51.01 for now rather than install PA. I'm running Stretch and MATE, installed piece by piece rather than selecting anything during install. I'd like to move to the beta or experimental versions but don't want PA.

Let me get this'd rather use a browser version with known security flaws than use pulseaudio?

Have you considered apulse as an alternative to pulseaudio?

Apulse will likely be the solution I select. I had trouble with PA when I was running earlier systems and have shyed away from it since. I like to build my system from the bottom up and only install what I need. Sounds works just fine using alsa. As for security flaws, the "flaws" in 51.0.1 are minuscule and the likelyhood of me ever encountering someone or a site that exploits them is near zero. But that's me, others may be more prone to getting exploited.
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Re: Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio

Postby timbgo » 2017-04-09 15:10

The news about apulse also spread to Devuan folks (I think it was golinux who told about it on the Devuan ML), and it is being installed in Devuan machines as well. So thanks!

But I just found a nice user criticism of Mozilla devs (btw, I moved to Palemoon, and _really_ have no regrets) at:
Firefox developers disrespect large swaths of users

I'm posting it also because, even though they, afterwards, named me
by name and surname in the bug that I participated in, at:
Require PulseAudio to play sound on Linux ... 47056#c175
I am not allowed to post, even though I didn't do any more than post in the links that you can find in my previous posts in this topic, such as:
[ that post is with links to Alsa ML (about Archlinux and much more), and also to Gentoo-user ML where I aired my views as well ]

I hope you'll find "Firefox developers disrespect large swaths of users" linked further above amusing and truthful. And you'll agree that banning posters for just criticism is plain wrong by Mozilla devs.

And I warmly suggest Palemoon (or Pale Moon) to readers. I like to say it really looks to me that Palemoon is an Angel of Honesty in comparison to Firefox. No surveillance on me did I find in Palemoon! And Firefox is suspicious!
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Re: Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio

Postby sjukfan » 2017-04-23 18:30

In version, the one in Sid now, this pops up when you try to play sound.

Seems to work fine with apulse except for a tiny sound delay that you only notice if you stare at people's mouth when they speak in a clip.
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