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Postby Roeland » 2005-08-13 21:15

Well, make some noise, or provide them with some resources.

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Postby sprucio » 2005-08-13 21:23

I honestly wish I had more time to devote to a distro like Debian since it's been so kind to me.

Unfortunately, I'm swarmed with M$ at work and I find it very hard to find the time to even set up my machine at home.
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Decision made

Postby sprucio » 2005-08-17 00:24

Decision has been made.

I will stick with Debian since it's really the best distro I've used.
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Postby Guest » 2005-10-11 04:26

I am posting this on Kubuntu '
I installed Kubuntu after quite a few install problems with
the Debian installer and its ability to detect , corectly my hardware.
I do not have a particular preference as to which I use (previously ,
a SuSE user for the last few years).
No RPMs and dependency woes - is good

Postby pagey007 » 2005-11-12 12:49

I have tried the top 10 on distrowatch,sudo in kubunto was a pain,I currently use both Debian and Simply Mepis,Apt-get rocks ,Just installed KDE 3.4.2 in debian and simply mepis on both my p4's ,kde 3.4.2 is fast ,No dependency hell!,Apart from the semi manuel debian installer it has been a breeze,Debian is pure,Its got to be good for you. :)
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Postby gabriel » 2005-11-23 23:35

Xianuro wrote:All of you already told why Ubuntu exist:
- More up to date packages
- More user friendly
- Better support for newbies

Debian has been very closed to this things.

Debian is easy, sweet, stable and simply wonderful. Ubuntu simply has better PR.
Imho the problem is not with the system itself, but with information on the net. Trust me, some people would LOVE to use linux, but they are scared.

I see potential in such sites like "debian planet" or any other - where all info could be put in a nutshell - without any technical-talk, that really scares some people. Believe me - my younger sister, who can't really tell a monitor from a pc uses debian easily. My friend (a girl) used debian easily, and she had trouble telling a hard drive from a sound card and generally knew how to start IE6 and get to

If you keep saying that Debian is hard, more people will believe it :)
The only thing - slow update (which is a thing I don't really care about).

I used Ubuntu twice - and was two times dissapointed and frustrated. It was supposed to be straight out of the box wonder, but it turned out to be more demanding than Mepis or Mandrake.
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Postby Mike » 2005-11-24 07:20

I tried Ubuntu, Kbuntu and finally settled on Debian/testing. The testing branch is up to date enough for me. I can always install some packages from unstable as the need comes up too.

After much searching I finally settled on a distro!
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Postby UKer » 2005-11-24 11:10

I found there are quite a few packages I use (i.e. Gallery 2, latest MAME and many more) that weren't in the Ubuntu repos, and more importantly that the system was preconfigured with packages I didn't want, I prefer the control of setting up packages as I want, not having a pre-configured selection.

For newbies, it's great and is far more inviting than normal Debian. I personally don't find Debian hard to administer at all though, but that could be through using Linux at work and home for a few years.
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Postby ben » 2005-11-25 03:26

Debian suites me better. I like installing Stable and then upgrading to Unstable, and never having to worry about new releases every 6 months. Just run it until it breaks beyond repair, which isn't very often. Ubuntu is very nice, easpecially for new users who just want to get up and running without to much configuration, but for advanced users, I find Debian to be better suited. There's also a shitload more packages available for vanilla Debian than there is for Ubuntu. Standard .deb packages aren't guaranteed to work with Ubuntu, which sucks.
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Postby gabriel » 2005-11-25 21:49

Doesn't Debian benefit from Ubuntu's rapid development? Or Mepis for example? Ubuntu is free, open etc after all.
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Postby AdrianTM » 2005-11-26 05:05

Debian benefits from Ubuntu
Ubuntu benefits from Debian

I think it's a win-win situation. I know that some people would say: why not pour those money and effort directly into Debian. I don't think it's possible, democracy in software has it's benefits but it's not something that I'd associate with fast releases (remember how much time it took for Sarge to be launched). Beside that's a personal decision, we don't get to vote on how Mr. Shuttleworth spends his money.

BTW, I like Kubuntu more because I like KDE. I was disappointed at the beginning for the lack of KDE support.
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Postby jsmidt » 2005-12-27 19:28

I run both Ubuntu and Debian. My only compliant with Debian vs. Ubuntu is everything I try in Ubuntu works immeadiatly whereas there are some things I still can't get to work in Debian. However I like the Debian philosophies better. I like a democratic community and the fact Debian is all volunteers. I personally hope Ubuntu will attract more volunteers to work on the Debian project.
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Postby domecq » 2005-12-28 23:56

It's a nice work. And a proof of how good Debian is.
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Ubuntu cheats?

Postby bohu » 2005-12-29 02:05

I read on another forum that Ubuntu uses dishonest methods to appear as number one on distrowatch. But no one specified exactly what they are doing. Does anyone here know?
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Postby AdrianTM » 2005-12-29 15:55

The Virus wrote:
odin wrote:Just 3 words can solve it

And only two with debian

$ su

Have you ever heard of
$ sudo -s
Bashing Ubuntu for sudo is kind of silly.
Ubuntu hate is a mental derangement.
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