What software do you feel paranoid about?

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Re: What software do you feel paranoid about?

Postby millpond » 2017-04-12 07:45

It should be noted that from its early days M$ has always been involved with Unix. It even purchased Santa Fe unix, but apparently lacked the programming and/or marketing skills to do anything with it, and sold it. The Win platform has only been increasing its Posix compliance with time.

There is only ONE reason M$ hit it big. The early IBM PC's were loaded with M$-DOS. It became an anchor concept that the PC was equated with M$, just like online auctions are associated with Ebay. The power of advertizing.

As a result Billy G has so much money that he now wants the power to influence world political events with his 'charity'. The only difference between his and the Clinton Foundation is that the latter was used as a money generator. If Gates was really serious about the AIDS problem he would simply buy a drug company and dispense the medications for the few cents a dose it would actually cost to produce.

It should always be remembered that the primary directive of all corporations is to make *profit* for their shareholders, and to increase that amount in every quarter. A shortfall in a quarter would lead to a decrease in share price and financial harm to said shareholders.
While in practice this apples most pointedly to public corporations, legally, it would apply to private corporations as well. Think of the power of venture capitalists *before* the IPO.

Before the Gilded Age of the railroad robber barons the law was simple: Corporations could only receive a charter through a state legislature - and it had to guarantee that it would be acting in the public interest.
Incorporation is an issue entirely dealing with LIABILITY. And it meant shifting the final liability onto the public itself.
The idea of a corporation having legal constitutional rights of a citizen was perpetuated in the 19th century as an act of fraud by a Supreme Court clerk.

So it is a given that all corporations act only in their self interest. Any public benefits are simply side effects. Or advertizing.

And Debian is a corporation. With 'partners':

In fairness though, incorporating was a logical move to keep the developers from getting sued if firmware based on it crashed a passenger jet, or something of that magnitude.

The real problem is the apparent 'mission creep' of other actors like RedHat into its system.

The other day I installed some software into this Devuan system. It had configuration options for both systemd and sysvinit. That is a good thing. Choice. Thats all some of us simply ask for.
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Re: What software do you feel paranoid about?

Postby bester69 » 2017-04-14 17:13

Talking about the system, Im secure at 200%, so here no need of paranoids,

talking about apps with malware,hacks, etc., I would be concerned about those ones which might get me into troubles, So here, we're talking about the store of sensible money documents in the Cloud, and Virtual Bank.

- Im some paranoid with Virtual Bank operations, Here, i User firefox-Esr which i use for virtual buys operations and try to mantain it clean and updated.
- The other scenario are some importants documents and passwords containers i keep in the cloud with redundance backup and two or three security layers.
Furthermore i combined with some stenography security.

I hope to be enought secure... :? :?

by the way,when i was younger I felt into a fishing bank trap, I was in the job queryng my virtual portal bank, and i dorn know how they could know it, but they got to send me a fishing mail with the scheme layout of my bank, so i felt in it, and they got to enter in my account bank. Lucklly they couldn't commit any money transiction as they need a code key-master for operations.
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Re: What software do you feel paranoid about?

Postby edbarx » 2017-04-16 05:12

I do not feel paranoid about software. There is software that I make sure not to use when such software is not fit for the purpose like making an online payment or transaction. For that, I use either Chromium/Chrome or Firefox after making sure I update my system and, if necessary, I reboot it. Yes, I know, Chromium/Chrome and Firefox track users, but since I am not the designer and policy maker for my banks of which I am a client, I have to be contented with what they support. Furthermore, Chromium and Firefox are used by a vast number of users, implying their developers, are constrained to make sure both popular browsers have the required security for their users. According to my logic it is more risky to make payments and do transactions using a legacy browser.

This is like everything, one makes sure to use the best available tool, software being no exception.
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Re: What software do you feel paranoid about?

Postby Seventh » 2017-04-16 09:15

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