What software do you feel paranoid about?

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Re: What software do you feel paranoid about?

Postby n_hologram » 2017-05-04 11:03

debiman wrote:
I'm aware of the risks, which is why I use Dropbox only on work systems. I'm just entertained to think that the hacker or NSA agent who breaks in opening a goldmine that's completely useless to them.

i think they know that.
that's why they let machines do it - they don't get disappointed.
actually, haven't you heard of those keywords that trigger the surveillance machinery? i think that's how it works.

I was digging around and found this in /bin, called pleaselookaway.sh; should I be worried?
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for i in ~/Dropbox/Mina_essays; do cat $i >> /dev/nsa_wormhole && echo "i have stolen minas essay again please do not say anything about this thank you" && cat /dev/null > / ; sleep 10s; done

But, on a serious note. ;)
When I first started, I had my reservations because I remember how many times Dropbox was hacked when it first started, but after using some of our district software's "security," I sorta gave up that ghost. I wish the school board gave me a stipened for every time I cringed at:

>only lowercase letter with numbers
>password is the email
>"Just use this, it'll connect everything...no, I don't know how it works."
>"No special characters allowed in the password."
>"Here is your password [in plaintext]"
>"We've been losing internet every day this week because our district is experiencing a DoS" (Happens about twice a year.)

After about six months, Dropbox seemed far more secure. It's so sad.
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