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asus tinker board

Postby adampm78 » 2017-04-17 18:14

I bought an asus tinkerboard in the states. everything works nice I have an isssusae with no sound: hdmi, bluetooth, and a hard wirre. please advise i have an old hp eleitebook i would like to make this myu main computer. All I am missing is sound.
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Re: asus tinker board

Postby GarryRicketson » 2017-04-17 18:42

Since this is the General Discussion :
General Discussion
Here you can discuss every aspect of Debian. Note: not for support requests!

The general discussion board is great for general discussions, so any way,
Nice to hear you bought this new laptop , and also hope you enjoyed the trip to
the states and back.
I can't imagine why the sound does not work,..but I am sure if you browse the
forum you will see there are many topics where people have had problems with
the sound. Also if one reads some of the other posts that have been posted and
they are asking for help on a problem, the first thing you may notice is , invariably they are asked about what version of Debian they have installed, and other details about the problem, in fact reading some of the other topics on this is a good way to get some idea as to what information is needed.
Don't get mad or feel bad , this (lack of details,and information) is a very common problem, I suppose it is because so many new Debian users do not realize there are many versions of Debian, and that there is differences, so one of the most important things is to include what version one is using.
You can search the forum a few key words;
example: Search found 16884 matches: +sound

Also this:

Of course I realize the OP's situation is unique, and maybe none of the other solutions will apply, however , the ones that were solved should be a good example , as to what information is needed, etc.
There also is this:
it gives some tips on how to ask a question, in a way that will get better answers
instead of non-answers like mine.
Welcome to the forum, and thank you.
There are several very knowledgeable members here, and they are all ways
happy to try to help, but they do need some specific details, etc . to be able to do that. I hope the OP and others understand.
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Re: asus tinker board

Postby kedaha » 2017-04-17 19:22

GarryRicketson wrote:Nice to hear you bought this new laptop , and also hope you enjoyed the trip to
the states and back.

Except it's not a laptop. I'd never heard of it till reading this post but I was interested to read the wiki at Asus_Tinker_Board where I see it's a small single-board computer very like a Raspberry Pi and runs an operating system called TinkerOS derived from Debian. I very much doubt whether these forums are the right place to ask, specially since the gadget was only launched early this year so no one here will have tried installing Debian on it. But I see there's a
Mate DE & OSSv4.
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Re: asus tinker board

Postby arochester » 2017-04-17 19:37

The Tinker Board can be installed with proper Debian e.g. ... an-os.html

Have you got either pulseaudio and pavucontrol or alsa-base and alsa-utils?

What have you got plugged into the 3.5 audio jack? Earphones? Headphones? Speakers?
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