How do reportbug with GFW of China?

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How do reportbug with GFW of China?

Postby lbuiyzxl » 2017-07-05 10:54

I can request who help me report some bug on this forum?
I can't directly successful use 'reportbug' due GFW
I no hold an Email can bypass GFW in China,so what is suitable for me?
I'm sorry for my bad English skills
I'm don't want to be a nuisance.
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Re: How do reportbug with GFW of China?

Postby orythem27 » 2017-07-05 12:04

The debian bug tracking system is meant to be manipulated via E-mails only. The utility 'reportbug' is only there for your convenience, it's entirely feasible to interact with the Debian BTS using other E-mail clients, or even web mail, as long as the E-mails follow a specific format.

I don't think communication to is actually blocked by the GFW, it's more due to generally poor international connection in China. To work around this, you can send E-mails to the BTS via some non-Chinese E-mail provider. e.g. Outlook, Yahoo!, Yandex, etc., so that delivery could be more or less guaranteed. 'reportbug' can be used to generate templates. Note that the E-mails must be sent in pure text format and not HTML.
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