PulseAudio? No, thanks! Pipewire is coming.

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PulseAudio? No, thanks! Pipewire is coming.

Postby Danielsan » 2017-09-07 16:12

Hi guys,

from our friends of Fedora is already landed a new, light, neat, compact and better multimedia server (for both audio e video) to get rid of Pulse. Some one had already filed an bug reports issue for it: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugrepo ... bug=874089
This new multimedia server seems pretty cool, with important feature like real time processing and low latency recording for both audio e video, nice!

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Re: PulseAudio? No, thanks! Pipewire is coming.

Postby debiman » 2017-09-08 05:58

does it sit directly on top of alsa?
how does it communicate with existing apps? only through gstreamer?
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