Before Choosing Debian as your distro you should Read this

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Re: Before Choosing Debian as your distro you should Read th

Postby JmaCWQ » 2018-02-27 08:00

No I don't expect everyone to become a Linux nerd/hacker/whatever, either.
But if regular users had just used what they'd been given without learning anything new like installing another OS, or partitioning a disk or something we possibly wouldn't even be having this discussion.
There most likely wouldn't be the incredible diversity and choices of OS's available that we see today, which would be a shame.

There'll always be some people who'll blame everything but themselves when they try something new and it doesn't work.
And there'll always be some people who'll ask questions without searching for answers first.
It can be just laziness, other times the only way to get a correct answer is to know what question to ask, or how to ask it.
Sometimes when trying to learn about something, a new user won't understand what it is they're trying to ask about, even though to someone who understands the issue it can seem like it's an easily answered "noob" question and all they had to do was look, that's all good and well if the issue or terms used etc. is understood, newbies don't always understand, hence the questions.
Some people like a challenge, tell them they can't do something & they immediately try to do it, that's human nature, we see it everywhere & it probably won't change anytime soon.
On public forums where helpers are volunteering their time & knowledge it can and does get frustrating answering the same questions over and over again, but if it all gets too much then it's as simple as CTRL+W...and it all goes away.
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Re: Before Choosing Debian as your distro you should Read th

Postby n_hologram » 2018-02-27 15:13

dcihon wrote:What I meant by leaving the security concerns to the experts is:
I don't know enough or have have the time to look at all the code that is written in every package to know what security concerns would be in there.
So I trust that the developers will or someone looking at the security of these packages will find the problems and correct them. I will just make sure my system is updated to the latest that is available to help with any security issues that may be in older packages.

Got it. Debian's package-management and bug tracker, along with forum posts here and there, should be sufficient to ease your concerns. To speak on your original point (and parrot some other users), you are correct: the amount of reading necessary is unattractive and unusual to a lot of Windows/iOS refugees.

Maybe major linux distributions need to boot with a default command-line option that will display between ten and twenty warnings about how Linux can void your warranty, potentially destroy all user data, potentially leave room for documented bugs -- but the option can be easily disabled, and is documented on the downloads page for anyone who takes the time to read it first. A man can dream...
bester69 wrote:There is nothing to install in linux, from time to time i go to google searching for something fresh to install in linux, but, there is nothing

the crunkbong project: scripts, operating system, the list goes on...
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