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Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-20 15:13
by putzpie
Hey folks, I've been a linux user for a while now (exclusively linux since April of 2015, but toyed around with it in like 2007-2009 as a youth). I've been hopping around from distro to distro, because that's the only way to really figure out which one works best for you, but I finally decided to try debian after experiencing some glitches with kde neon recently. It might have been my own fault by including nested &'s to background a script (didn't realize it already had one for what I was trying to background within the script), but honestly I have no idea what happened or if that even caused it. I had had some other quirks pop up as well though before that. Regardless, I heard that debian was notorious for being a stable distro and after doing some more research I decided to give it a proper try (tried it in the past but had issues because I didn't know linux that well). Because after a while I realized that I really don't give a shit if I have all the shiniest new software if it doesn't actually work well in the first place.

Immediately I was thrown off by not having the drivers for my wifi card included in the installer, however I found the unofficial build that includes them and made an installer with that instead. After that it was actually a fairly simple installation. All the options a power user would want with the simplicity of a GUI. So far it's been a pretty painless experience, with the only minor glitch being the fact that the keyboard icon in the system menu (kde) is blank, even though it's still there and I can interact with it (to my own admission, I tried turning it off in the settings but might have messed up). Whatever, that's just linux I guess, everything else has been pretty stable besides that. I tried for known bugs on certain software I used and none of them have shown up yet which is really reassuring.

What has stood out to me the most about debian in my very brief time using it isn't anything software related, it's actually the community that exists around it. The wikis are well populated, it's the oldest distro, and the forum is actually active (as active as forums these days are anyway). The fact that it's not just some company's pet project to invest in open software and find some miracle solution to profit off of if it ever finally goes big is very appealing. Immediately upon joining the forums I noticed the "Free as in beer" hardware give away and that's when I knew that I found the right distro and the right crowd. Hell, I was curious about the release cycle, how that works, etc and before I even bothered to start searching someone's forum signature literally had links answering my questions about that too!

So enough rambling, just thought I'd say hello and I think I'm here to stay :)

P.S: I'm looking to contribute Spanish translations to the project and maybe try my hand at bug triaging down the line. I already checked out the wiki and joined the mailing list for l10n-spanish but if there are other resources I should check out I would be pleased to look at them.

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-20 18:31
by mike acker
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#include <stdio.h>

void main ();

 void main ()
    {   puts("Hello, World!!");
       return;                      }

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-20 18:52
by Wheelerof4te
Hello, and welcome to the community :)
You have come to the right place, Debian has it all. Stable or rolling release? Check. Various DEs and WMs? Check. Fully free and independent? Check. Lots of software? It's all there.
Above all, there is a thriving community around Debian which makes it special. Forums are only one way of comunication, also try mailing lists and IRC chanels.

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-20 21:21
by putzpie
Nice, I'll check them out. Any channels or lists in particular I should hop on?

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-21 11:01
by Wheelerof4te
As for the mailing lists, debian user mail list is one of the most popular.
But everything is either on the Debian wiki or main page. Check out the Debian Wiki for any solutions and info that you need.

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-21 22:35
by putzpie
Will do, I appreciate the advice!

Re: Hello World :)

PostPosted: 2018-03-22 22:39
by sunrat
Wheelerof4te wrote: Stable or rolling release?

Testing and sid are not "releases", they are development versions.