No real problems in Debian Sid...

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No real problems in Debian Sid...

Postby broelling » 2018-05-02 15:29

For some months (4/5) now I've been running a minimal netinstallation of Debian Sid (in Denmark). My wm is i3 and it is running very smooth. Everything is setup extremely minimal, and I've never been so happy with a main install in the last 20 years when I've been running Linux.
But for about 3-4 weeks ago suddenly my sound started acting up and being very distorted at some times. This must have come after an update (I update about every 2 days because of a lot of updates), but I don't remember which soundapplications were updated at that time. And I've tried different things since then, but not installed "the kitchensink" regarding sound, as I still wanna' have a minimal installation. Just reading a lotta' forum posts and stuff regarding this problem. A couple of days ago I tried 'killall pulseaudio', and it helped instantly. There were still soundquality problems (too trebly), but no distortion anymore. I guess I knew that the problem would reappear as soon as I rebooted, but I didn't do that until today after another update/upgrade, where I saw a lotta' soundapplications from multimedia-debian beeing updated.

And lo-and-behold. No more distortion or bad soundquality at all. So - me happy :)

Just wanna' say thanx to all of you who are involved in making Debian THE best distribution 'out there'. This is definitely the best installation I've tried yet (involving every other major type and distribution of Linux for two decades). And regarding Sid: This is my first problem at all. Everything else just runs smooth, and I've got Firefox 59, Gimp 2.10 and Libreoffice 6 and so on. It just works. Thank you!!! Try it out if you wan't the newest software, and if you wan't a very fast desktop try out the i3 windowmanager...
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