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MS & Intel - Rise to even

PostPosted: 2018-06-25 05:36
by makh
It is interesting to note that both the companies main stream product came to a major halt, in the very same domain of hand held devices. Once the influence on hardware manufacturers leveraged, the other companies or competitors went on, in their ventures and captured the market.

The same old policy or same technique, doesnt seem to survive to keep a company on the front end, especially in computing world.

Re: MS & Intel - Rise to even

PostPosted: 2018-06-25 14:52
by CwF
From an investor standpoint I think this segment is way out of whack, add in IBM, Nvidia, and a few dozen little players, and for perspective Tesla. Once upon a time the Wintel box was a thing, that's gone. The smartphone is a thing now and the only reason Apple still exist, but that market is too diverse and dispersed to drive a few companies over the top like the wintel box did. There you can see how the iphone IS the talk of Apple, a perceived big player, while Samsung competes unit for unit all the while it is a fraction of their business. I've been short on Intel ever since his appointment and smartphone push So I think your exactly right, "to even". In my view Intel is like IBM in the way the can likely find something to do, MS I'm not so sure. Maybe if IBM, MS and Intel merged, Ford and Tesla merged, the GE got magically capitalized and bought them all, then we'd have an American Samsung. American companies keep narrowing, an explained necessity but I think bad. At the next big idea convergence we'll see who can step it up.