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Re: Successful migration to Debian

PostPosted: 2018-07-11 15:07
by Danielsan
Wise decision!

Re: Successful migration to Debian

PostPosted: 2018-08-07 14:19
by piperdan
I too just installed Debian Stable (yesterday). So only 24 hours old :D Installation was easy, other than a little workaround to modify /etc/sudoers to give my own user account sudo permission. Its looking good. First time using KDE Plasma. Pretty nice and plenty quick on my machine.

Most applications I like are readily available after installing synaptic, except that I'm going to need a newer version of hplip than 3.16 (currently the highest version available in the stable repository) to get my wireless printer to work. Version 3.17 worked before for me, so I'll need to install that somehow.

Previous recent installations:
MX Linux: I also like very much. Just wanted to try a more modern KDE experience.

Linux Mint Sylvia 18.3: Also very good. Cinnamon is very nice and polished. Installed on my wife's and mother's computers and they enjoy it.

Slackware 14.1: Installed just for the challenge and for some learning experience.


Re: Successful migration to Debian

PostPosted: 2018-08-08 01:04
by kevinthefixer
Piperdan, you'll like Stretch if you're the kind of guy that installs Slackware "just for the learning experience". There is a more elegant (and easier) way to give your user sudo permissions (I like to have staff permissions also, allows me to write to /usr, and I think my user should be able to do that): as root,
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adduser piperdan sudo

In terminal you can switch to root with
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I know it's a little late but...

Edit: Oh yeah, you'll probably want to belong to group lpadmin so you can add printers and such. CUPS has strange permission requirements for security reasons, won't let root do it.

Re: Successful migration to Debian

PostPosted: 2018-08-08 04:10
by eor2004
mike acker wrote:yep

it's a bit on the sad side but it seems the MINT project is having a bit of trouble keeping up with kernel updates. it's my impression -- "FWIW" they are handicapping their project by tying their work to Ubuntu. I think they'd do well to drop their Ubuntu based releases and concentrate on their LMDE offering. but -- it's their project, not mine.

I'm running a straight Debian 9.4 now, having switched from LMDE/2 about a year ago

the only thing I notice is -- some "KDE" related programs -- e.g. Kate, Gwenview -- don't seem to run as well as they did in LMDE (graphics are quite right) . but then I'm not so sure I really want anything to do with KDE type of environment anyway. an X-Window desktop should stress simplicity. it's mainly just a program launcher and graphics service; if it does those things well -- it's "All Good".

Me too switched from LMDE 2 to debian a couple of years ago, I learned a lot about debian with LMDE, OTOH me too had issues with the plasma 5 version of debian, it was very sluggish on my system and suffered from freezes from time to time, reinstalled debian with Gnome 3 and everything is working faster than the plasma 5, well... not everything is working, I have some issues with virtualbox right now, but it is not a show stopper, the strange thing that baffles me is that I have installed on the same system other distros with plasma 5 and they have worked fine!