Deepin Desktop in Buster? Anyone tried it?

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Deepin Desktop in Buster? Anyone tried it?

Postby stevepusser » 2018-07-30 16:45 ...

Is it as gorgeous as they say in Debian? At least one of the base packages requires a newer Qt 5 to build than Stretch has, so I couldn't backport it...though tacking on the NeptuneOS repo to my pbuild chroots could be a workaround to get their backported Qt 5.
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Re: Deepin Desktop in Buster? Anyone tried it?

Postby Innovate » 2018-07-30 22:55

Not yet I don't have enough time to do fully backport dde stuffs either.
But did successfully package dde-system monitor in the past. :lol:
What stuff i want from dde the most is dde software center.
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