nvidia-xrun for Debian?

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nvidia-xrun for Debian?

Postby MSB » 2018-09-17 07:07

I tried nvidia-xrun on Arch with succesfull high fps gaming and curious about is there any nvidia-xrun for debian. Searched little bit and some people opened topics as "Debian nvidia-xrun issue" or something like that but there is no article about installation of nvidia-xrun on Debian. Is it compiled (If it is, then how)?
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Re: nvidia-xrun for Debian?

Postby day » 2018-09-20 03:57

nvidia-xrun contains only 3 files: 2 small shellscripts and 1 config file. No need to compile anything, just unpack the https://github.com/Witko/nvidia-xrun/archive/0.3.tar.gz
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