Bluetooth: Why I Chose Debian

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Bluetooth: Why I Chose Debian

Postby n89thanh » 2018-09-20 18:36

Bluetooth is why I chose to stick with Debian. This is in contrast to Windows 7. I've read that Windows 8/10 has better Bluetooth support, unfortunately, I do not have them. My experience is limited to Windows 7. Bluetooth does work out of the box on Debian, but not without some adjustments. Each time I install Debian Stretch, it involved some command-line changes to the configuration files to WiFi and Bluetooth for them to auto-detect and remain connected after a few minutes and after restarts/shutdowns. And it was the stability afterward that kept me glued to Debian. Everything CONTINUES to work after the initial configurations. Bluetooth A2DP was predictable. I can choose to connect/disconnect Bluetooth devices whenever I want, and the system would have no issues with it. I can rely on Debian to detect stereo Bluetooth audio and automatically switch to it.

With Windows, I was using Toshiba Bluetooth stack, which I've read is considered to be the best firmware for Windows 7. Unfortunately, it was never consistent. When I tried to reconnect a paired connection, it didn't work. When I tried to repair devices, it didn't work. When I woke/restarted a computer and tried to connect manually, it didn't work. With Linux there is a means to an end, but with Windows, there is no end, at least for Bluetooth, which is ever important as Bluetooth continues to be pervasive in our lives.
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